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UX Case Study

By Lisa Villary






This process begins with an idea. Using the principles of Design Thinking I go through a process of gathering all the knowledge,  refining that knowledge down, and finding common, themes. From these themes I gather key insights, and find opportunities. All this research Informs me to form a HMW ( how might we) Questions. It began with my keen interested in Cryptocurrency. I’m already working with  Dream financial Literacy, a Cryptocurrency education course.  As I started to explore Crytpocurrecy and how to trade coins. I became more and more interested in all the other things you can do with cryptocurrency.  Each day learning tips and tricks from various searches on the internet.  I began to explore how I could provide a digital Solutions, and app or mobile website that would serve the community in a meaningful way.

 It is very important that this app provides a social connection. This Industry is not new, yet very niche in nature, It is rapidly expanding and there is a lot of commotion as all the traditional “traders” give their options on NFT. Because this Industry is relatively new. We have experts and beginners starting at almost the same level. There are not that many people with “expert” knowledge, yet the same time everyone has an opinion.

Full Immersion Approach!

In keeping with a full Immmersion Approach I wanted to have  a higher than average knowledge of various Cryptocurrency projects. I started with Coinbase wallet for trading.  Next with Metamask Wallet, for seamless connecting to various sites.  I printed my secret pins and put them in a secure location ,  I started trading cryptocurrency and got in the habit of checking my wallet every day. The Phrase Non-fungible Token,  kept popping up everywhere I looked.  I started to research NFT’s, I read the definition, and watched countless videos on the subject, read articles, definitions and after about 30 sources, the concept eventually sunk in.


I started researching all the NFT sites for which there are many.  With my background in marketing, I know that when there are many competitors in a particular space, means there is a lot of money in that space too. So competition is not necessarily a bad thing, What it shows me is that there is a market.

There are many NFT sites, the NFT sites I visited, the most were Niftygateway, Rarible, Opensea, Superrare, Cryptokitties,and Ether Cards, I felt that these sites gave me a good overall look at the market and that it was a good market to get into because there is a considerable amount of people interested in these projects, and no shortage of artist to create in this market.

I even purchased a Cryptokitty, I was hesitant to take on the responsibility, and I wasn’t really clear on what to do with my little guy.  His name of Briciola Teashins.  My favourite colour is Blue so he fit right in.  The Fun part comes from trading and breeding cryptokitties, which was not part of my case study,  but transactions are part of my project. Purchasing a cryptokitty allowed me to experience and entire purchase from start to finish.


Briciola Teashins

Good Kitty!


What are NFT’s? NFT’s are Non Fungible Tokens that simply put allow Digital items to be unique. This is done through digital signatures.

Fiat Currency is fungible,  Cryptocurrencyl like bitcoin is also fungible. Items with the same values are interchangeable.   A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data on blockchain , where each NFT can represent a unique digital item, and thus they are not interchangeable. NFTs can represent digital files such as art, audio, videos, items in video games, and other forms of creative work.




Connect Traditional Artists

Traditional Artists are looking to sell their artwork in a digital space. The artist spends time in their offline world drawing and Painting and is looking to move into a digital space. To buy, sell, and connect with other users.


18-35 Males that are interested in Art/Artists themselves Looking for interesting art.

Women are participating too, the ratio is currently but only about 15% of crypto users are female.



To Create a digital solution that connects artists to their Investors. Create a community of art lovers and artist


Competitor Research is vast a very wide net. Want to narrow to get closer to what the data says. Originally looked at pateron because it does part of what I invision. 
Also Superrare, rariable, nifty gateway,


Traditional Artist that are looking to sell Their artwork in a digital space. The artist Spends time in their offline world drawing and Painting and are looking to move into a digital space To buy, sell, and connect with other users.


App vs Responsive Website, When Exploring what technology to use, it seems that for mostly financial reasons most NFT properties are websites and not apps.  Because of High percentage to the app store and play store.


Socio-cultural constraints


Good Listener

Good at Problem solving




Auction Houses










Value Increases

Infinitely replicable

Value Decreases

Not Unique.

Identifying the Problem space.

Highlight the main differences between Traditional Art and Digital and how Blockchain helps to Solve this issue for Living artist so that they can be compensated for their artwork.

NFT Marketplaces

As mentioned above I felt it was important to examine the existing Apps/marketplaces.   I noticed that most of these marketplaces were responsive Websites, not mobile apps.  Originally  my assumption was that there was something within the minting process in cryptocurrency that prevented the technology from being used within an app.  Then later I figured out it was clearly because of the high commission rates commanded through the google play and apple stores. If something is selling for 3 E that is over $7000 USD, paying apple commission on a sale like that is ridiculous. 

What I learned most from my research into the marketplaces is that, there is room for more, each has its own parameters that it sets for their users. The main goal is to ensure the artist are properly compensated for their work. They Carefully pic their artist. They facilitate and help the artist get their artwork on the plaform, making the upload process seamless. They Make it fair for collectors to compete for pieces of art work that they are interested in. 



competive analysis

Chubbies #2912
Sale ends in 4 days (April 7, 2021 at 6:38pm EDT)


Minimum bid — Reserve price not met.Ξ
0.15. ($315.17)
Open sea is currently the largest NFT Marketplace.


Highest bid by DonDoom

0.3 WETH


Rarible allows digital artists and creators to issue and sell custom crypto assets that represent ownership in their digital work.

Created by Fewocious this peice is currently worth over 65k 
@artsyaf accepted an offer of 35.0Ξ ($67,570) from @billfish

[view tx]

Superrare focuses single edition original artwork.

Frozen angels by VXN #3/5


Nift gateway focuses on Multiples.

Aelise Davis

The Bleeding Heart Is Mundane

No Price listed( Just released)

Ethercards main product is trading cards for Digital art.



The moment I fell in love, by fewicious
Sold for $25000


This Peice
Komodo , recently sold for $3358

he digital artist Beeple sold $3.5 million worth of art through Nifty Gateway last year.

Recently sold $6 million dollars work of NFT’s

Trevor Jones Art

He previously held the record for the highest-selling NFT artwork ever with his Picasso’s Bull animation here on Niftygateway selling for a massive $55,555.55.



Lost the Beeples auction for 69 Million and he is moving on and looking to purchase some original Andy Warhol and Picasso Peices.  


His real name is Vignesh Sundaresan. He purchased Beeples Art, for $69 million dollars. 


Mark Started his career trading sports cards, so NFT’s are a natural extension of what he already knows. Mark started a new NFT platform called Lazy.com.

Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk, the wine guy, has a passion for trading baseball cards. He is a natural promoter and he is very excited about NFT’s.

The Winkelvoss Twins

Currently, own Nifty gateway. A startup they purchased from another set of twins The Cockfoster Twins.  Nifty gateway Naturally focuses on Multiples.

My Process



When I began this project Nft’s were noteworthy but had not become a big news story yet at least as far as  main stream media is concerned. 

Now Nfts are part of Daily news, and they were even featured on Saturday Night Live.  They are a big deal. And the information is Divergent

So the case study began as an Interest a Passion of mine. 

So I kept coming back to my  main Goal.  How might we create a safe and fun way for digital artists to collect and sell their art, So that digital art can have a greater perceived value on par with the value Traditional Art

So I wanted to Focus on artist, Even though there were marketplace, the artist and the collector.  I felt it was important to focus on the needs of the artist. 





Cryptocurrency Regulations

Separate from Fiat Currency



Cryptocurrency  Ethics

Double Encryption (safety)

Cryptocurrency  Ethics


Cryptocurrency Connected to Banking

Digital Trading Cards

Inflated Prices/No set prices or value


Wasting Energy

Co2 contribritor

Physical Places become Digital

( ex. Christies)


Built on blockchain

Digital Signatures

Smart Contracts


Trading Community

Virtual Conversations

Cryptocurrency Regulations



There is no shortage of people scratching their heads about NFTS.  If you are confused, welcome to the party. You are not alone. This confusion was a very important part of my solution.

  • Take the confusion out of the process
  • Make it easy
  • Make fun.


The rise of Blockchain Technology has made the smart contract possible. what the smart contract does is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code.  It is similar to escrow. It is code and when the predetermined conditions are met the exchange happens.


    This project could be huge, I wanted to make a usable product that looks good and left users with feeling ease. It was very important to limit the scope of the project so that I could hone in on a small section of the marketplace. 


    Limit the scope


    Background throughout my research phase I have made several Assumptions.  It was time to talk to people to find out what they thought about my assumptions.  So I Developed a research Plan to find out their thoughts, feelings, and motivations. 

    Objectives Understand how artists currently sell their art online.

    Methodology – Decontextualized, 30 min Google Meet/Facebook Messenger appointments transcription when possible.

    Participant Profiles Criteria for being a participant, I made an effort to interview artists whenever possible. I Interviewed 7 people in total I chose artists whenever possible. 

    Timeline: the timeline is short within 1 week I set out to gather as much information as I could. 

    Constraints: I only had time for 7 interviews, and had to keep each interview to a limit of 30 min. So my research is limited to a small sample of the population. 

    Conclusion  I am focused main on Men, I have interviewed a woman for this project, and my secondary research also confirms that the number of women in the crypto is about 15%



    Interested in Digital Art

    Interested but not motivated.

    Wants to know more will research

    Interested in Digital Games

    Double Encryption (safety)

    Thinks its kind crazy (the prices)

    Not Interested at all. 

    Doesn’t trust it

    Doesn’t get it. 

    Works already in Digital Art no motivation

    Would never Buy or Sell

    Open to the concept

    Built on blockchain

    Doesn’t sell Doesn’t know how


    Already Creating NFTS

    Is open to the Idea of selling Digital art

    Wants to know more.



    As a Collector, I want to buy amazing pieces of art from an artist so that I can grow my collection.


    • Login
    • Look at art
    • View Artist Profile
    • Scrool through artist proifle
    • Click on art
    • Buy art
    • Complete task.


    How might we create a safe and fun way for digital artists to collect and sell their art, So that digital art can have a greater perceived value on par with the value Traditional Art.


    Research Phase

    From my User interviews, I developed a Use persona that represents my key user the artist.  From this persona I can now tailor my app to meet the needs of this user.


    Gathering all the information from my intereviews I plotted out an experience map for my user.  With this experience map I can now focus on addressing and hopefully solving some of my persona pain points.



    I examined digital and analog versions of games and explored how I could create s product that would compete in this marketplace.


    I examined games like go, War, Pokemon, and even Trivial Pursuit. To see if there is an interesting way to enter the marketplace.

    Trading Cards

    I explored trading cards and researched Sports cards. Leading company in Sports trading cards is moving all of its cards online into NFT’s.


    Experimental and Hybrid products. like Ethercards is a Gallery sites but each piece is featured in a Cards set. they also have animation of pack opening. Which makes the dynamic and Interestings of the site.  Also makes it a sensory experience.  Full sound and animation. 


    I researched all the gallery sites that are currently on the market and made notes of the special features that each site offers. 


    Many of the sites function like Galleries, so much so that Christies is now selling NFT’s 


    Special Collections, Collaborations, Recreations, Mixed Media, Animations, Videos, Photography and Music. Many of the creations can contain many different elements. It is quite common to have an entire site just buzzing with animations. Which can be visually over-stimulating but it also become part of the brand.

    Special Editions

    Creating a series of Limited edition artwork. 1 of 5, or 1 of 10 is the norm but I have seen pieces that are 1 of 1000, with each piece selling for over 4k.  

    Before I started sketching decisions needed to be made. I weighed the options between creating a gamfication project, or a gallery. 

    I carefelly examined all the options between gallery and and game apps. 



    Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

    Usability testing

    User testing round 1 & 2  – 5 participants


    Paperprototype became first, to get some feedback from users. I refined the sketches down to wire frames and Did a thourough user testing. I started user testing with digital wireframes.  To get feedback on the process of purchasing art. To make it  a simple process from start to finish.


    First Version was focused on Function, Getting the user through the app. 

    Colour and Typography


    Very interested in Poppins font for this project, vibrant squares of colors, black backdrop. very simple UI, that lets the art pieces be as large as possible. 


    Vibrant colors, soft black, soft white, let the art shine through. Grids that let the full piece be seen from corner to corner. 

    Usability testing

    User testing round 2  – 5 participants


    Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.



    The login Screen went few many changes. From Paper prototype to Hi fi. 




    This Page probably went throug the most iterations of any of my pages. I felt it was important to have an about page but at the same time I wanted the information to be reduced down since I knew no one would read it. 



    Iteration of how the app would appear on a tablet. 



    Future steps.


    I would like to explore a gamefication aspect of a cryptocurrency site. I have a Squirrel mascot that I would like to usertest . 

    Key Takeaways.


    I Took the app through 3 rounds of user testing. As I started with the digital wireframe.  As there was some confusion on the actually look and feel of a  lofi. But no worries,  luckily I had some calls booked already so I was able to get a different set of users to look at my app.


    The app is showing promise but there is still much room for improvement.  At the stage it is at right now there is a clear path to improvement, with each iteration.   It’s not perfect but it is absolutely on track to be in line with my vision of what the app should be. 


    My app went through several name changes Davinci to Mosaic and finally Mindblownd. Here are my initial sketches, and Iterations to the final design.  I should note that I did not design the brain, but I do have permission to use the brain in any commercial work. 


    Using the Tarot Cards of Tech I choose 2 Cards.  The Superfan, How would a community of your most passionate users behave? The back Stabber, what would cause you to lose trust in your product.  I choose the superfan, because community is the most imporant part of the app, If I had users on my app, they would be passionate and engaging, use social media daily, live and breath digital art, they would contribute, and collaborate with each other. Hold daily events on Clubhouse and non stop everyday be active. 

    I choose the Backstabber the most polar opposite to the superfan. yin and yang. I always believe it is important to worst case scenario, and make contingency plans so that you are always prepared.  If things go terribly wrong I feel it is important to listen to your users. Be open and honest and try and help when ever possible.  The product can only be good with the whole community embraces it. 


    Thank you for your time


    If you made it this far, I want you to know I really appreciate your time.  I hope you learned a thing or two about my project. I would appreciate any advice you have to offer.

    Thank you once again.

    Lisa Villary